Everything you would ever want to know about Vetter Fairings
Vetter Mounting Instructions:

(Original instructions that came in new in the box)

Vetter Restoration parts:

Keep them on the road

Vintage pictures of Owners' Bikes
Original 1977 Vetter Promotional Video!
Rescued from an old BetaMax tape. This was shown at the motorcycle shows of 1977-78. Not the best quality, but it will bring back memories.

You will need QuickTime to view this .mov. It is free from Apple

Turnsignal alert! In the space of two weeks, three owners have reported that they have lost lenses from their turn signals! Turn signal assemblies were assembled with very aggressive, butyl rubber, water tight and virtually impossible to separate (20 years ago). Check yours for signs of separation. Any good auto paint supply store will be able to suggest a modern adhesive. CV June 27, 2004
Don't let this happen to you!
Carol sometimes has used "Leading Edge Lights" for sale. Contact Carol directly for help.
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