Original instructions for Vetter Fairings and Saddlebags
If you have a set of original instructions not posted here, send them to me, I will scan them
Vetter instructions from 1977- 80 are works of art. They were illustrated by Bob Clarke, a man of fantastic talent. After I sold Vetter, Bob went to Honda where he became Chief Engineer of Honda Performance Development, Inc. and President of Honda Performance Development. He retired in 2009.

Congratulations, Bob

Bob Clarke-artist

Vetter General Instructions:

(For specific instructions by motorcycle model and year... scroll down)

Click here for 1977-9 Windjammer Mounting instructions
1980- WJ 5 Lowers mounting

Thanks to Cody Griffen

Click here for 1983-4 Bullet Mounting Instructions
Click here for 1977 Clipped windshield instructions

Note: clipped windshields were the Vetter standard from mid 1977 on.

Click here for 1977 CycleSound mounting instructions

Misc. General Vetter Instructions
1977 VDO Instruments

A lot of engineering here

Click here for 1978 Tail Trunk mounting instructions

Specific Vetter Instructions for Honda
Click here for 1972-3 Windjammer II mounting on Honda 750 Thanks to M. Gasselli
1978-79 Quicksilver CB550-650 Thanks to Marty Caise
1978-80 Quicksilver Thanks to John Moore
1978 Honda CB750F Bags thanks to Bob Sherer
Click here for 1978 GL1000 Saddlebags mounting instructions
1980-82 Honda CB 900 Windjammer SS, 4 and 5
1980 CB900 Custom

Thanks to Jay Emond
Proud member of the CB900 / CB1000 Custom Club

Click here for 900K PDF 1981 Honda 500 Windjammer mounting instructions

Specific Vetter instructions for Kawasaki

Specific Vetter instructions for Yamaha
1979 Yamaha XS750F Quicksilver

Thanks to Lyn Eckstein

1981 Yamaha XJ750 Seca Quicksilver

Click here for Yamaha XJ750. Thanks to Valerie Edie

Specific Vetter instructions for Suzuki

Vetter instructions for Harley-Davidson
1972-75 Liberator Mounting Instructions

Thanks to Victor Marshall

Specific Vetter instructions for BMW
Click here for 700k PDF 1978 Vetter bags for / 6 & 7 BMW (courtesy Paul Studebaker, impressive collector)

Vetter instructions for Triumph
1977 Click here for Triumph T-150-160 Windjammer

Thanks to John Young in England

Vetter instructions for Moto Guzzi
1973 Moto Guzzi 750-850 Windjammer Thanks to Cave Luther

Beginning in 1979, the new owner of Vetter Corp produced several fairings that I did not think worthy of the Vetter name. They will not show up on my pages.

After Bell aquired the devastated company, I designed a fairing for them, the Bullet which they built for a couple of years . The Bell folks were more comfortable making helmets.

The most asked question seems to be:

"How do I replace my burned out headlight?"

At the bottom is a little slot. Use a screwdriver to push it in slightly. The chrome ring unscrews like a jar lid.

It is a very clever design.

By the way, today when a headlight burns out, I simply go to Wal Mart and buy a sealed beam halogen unit for about $9.00. It has a car pattern but I think it is just fine for the price.

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