List of interesting videos and audios:
2008: How They Got 470 mpg Preview

Promo for DVD on the subject

2008, June: Freedom Machine in Big Sur

See what it looks like on the road

2008, Oct: Solving the Handlebars Problem

Looks like magic to me

2008: Test for Streamlining

Brother Bruce's dramatic example of streamlining

These videos requires QuickTime to play. You can download it free from Apple's site here

30 Minute Radio Interview on Fuel Economy

Where I explain the things I have learned on AM 1240 KNRY, Cannery Row, Monterey California, April 19, 2008

November, 08 Blowing in the wind
How to install Snap Vents

An instructional short, 2009

Tuft Testing

8 minutes, March 2009

2000 Defiant Scooter Acceleration

World's first automatic V-Twin?

2004: Torpedo Cruising

My outrageous Torpedo Scooter en route to Hollister

Posted Oct 18, 2004

Updated June 6, 2015

1970 Ram Wing

Air surfing in Illinois

1977 Vetter Corporation Trade Show Video

Shown at the Dealer Shows

2008: AMA Vintage Days: Andy Goldfine of Aerostitch videotaped while I rambled
2004 Dodge Truck ad

Featuring a Hurricane

4 minute .mov "Argument for Streamlining"

2008: My reasons why the FIM should allow streamlining

Tim Yow had just ridden my streamlined Helix.

Listen in as Tim and I discuss the upcoming Vetter Fuel Challenges

Tune in

Episode 459, Jan 27, 2011

Watch the m4v video
I was the AMA Midwestern Amateur Champion on this Kawasaki powered Rickman Racer. Invited to Daytona in 1976, I took 3rd place. It was a long time ago...
Talking on the internet
Friday evening, Feb 7, 2014, Steve Johann, Walt Fletcher and I spent about 45 minutes discussing... what else? Motorcycles that allows us to live better on less energy
Saturday morning, Feb 8, Garrison Leykam and Ralph Deluco* discussed Diners and Motorcycles

Don't miss this nice little piece from Rider Magazine

June 6, 2015
Take a peek at 5 minutes of the 2014 AMA Breakfast with another video from Edwin Colon

Edwin Colon, Master Videographer, was there to record our 2014 conversation about the future of electric bikes

Meet Terry Hershner the first person to cross America on electricity!

Read how we streamlined Terry Hershner's Electric Zero and how Vetter Streamlining helped his batteries go twice as far.

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"Living Better on Less Energy"

Join us in a great discussion on the Neal and Larry Show August 2, 2014

These guys understand what we are trying to do.

Liza Miller's ReCycle Garage Show

May 24, 2015: Featuring Liza, Alan Smith, Pat Rogers, Craig Vetter, Terry Hershner and "Knock"

There may be some interest in streamlining in Santa Cruz

One minute it was a motorcycle repair shop. The next minute it was a sound studio. Lots of fun.