Dates sold: Oct. 27, 1968 thru Sep., 1971
Bikes fit: 350-650cc
Number made: Approx. 500
Retail price range: Retail $159 (‘69)
First seen:
Fibreglass, black or white, Hand scratched in serial # under foam tape right side from front
Series 1500 Phantom statistics
The Vetter Series 1500 Phantom Fairing of 1968-71
I had thought that the owners of the new Japanese Honda and Yamaha 250-305s would be my customers. After all, these were really great motorcycles and there were no fairings for them. In reality, it was the owners of the biggest motorcycles that wanted my fairings. In 1968, that meant Triumphs and BSAs, followed by the Honda 450 when it was announced. The Series 1000 was a bit too narrow for those bikes. The windshield was too steeply raked. It was the excuse I needed to design another fairing.
Panel from 1969 Vetter advertising brochure

To start with, I wedged a Series 1000 apart a couple of inches at the knees with a plywood spreader. Then I grafted the new gullwing windshield from my new Series 500 half fairing onto the front. This made it a little wider at the handlebars and at the knees.

All subsequent fairings (until the Windjammer series ) used this gullwing windshield. They were all called "Phantom" Fairings.

The first Phantom fairings all used 1/8" thick windshields. And they were all compound curves (meaning bowed in both directions). They looked best but the compound curve was hard to form and was prone to bending backwards under speed. Some early Phantoms used struts to hold the windshield up. The AMA Phantom has struts.

Very soon we changed over to simple curved windshields 3/16" thick which solved all problems.

I learned a lot about windshields with the Series 1500.
1968 Coast to Coast Record Run
In late 1968, I got a call from Corky Rich of Champion Cycle Center, Chicago asking us to donate a couple of fairings to him and his buddy, Eric Mareus so they could attempt a coast - to - coast record run on their Triumphs. We fit them up on Dec 23 and they took off. All I ever heard was that they got stopped by snow somewhere. They sure looked good tho.

I'm always a sucker for a contest.

Craig and Eric check out their Record Run Triumphs

This original Series 1500 fairing is now in the permanent collection at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at Pickerington, Ohio. It may be that this is the only "New" Series 1500 fairing in the world!

Are you looking for a Series 1500 Phantom Vetter Fairing for your collection?

Vetter fan, Dean has serial number B641, which means it was made November 8, 1970. Dean is in Wiisconsin ... by the Kettle moraine area. You don't want to ship these things. Too expensive.

Contact Dean directly

I still have the work sheets for those early fairings showing how Roger Stiller (Rodger) , Jim Miller (JGM) and Tim Ridgeway (Tim) checked off their various duties on B641 in 1970.

Those of you that have an early pre-Windjammer fairing may be able to trace its history. Just send me its serial number. It is scratched into the fiberglass behind the windshield foam tape, usually on the right side from the front.

Posted 2006

Updated Nov 28, 2011