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"When our girlfriends were sweet young things and our dogs were puppys"

Posted Dec 13, 2009

Oct 27, 1968: Vetter fairings ready for a “Record Run” from New York to Los Angeles.

There I am, age 26, contemplating a "Record Run," glad it wasn't me going on it. Corky Rich and Eric Marcus’ talked me into supplying a Series 1000 fairing (the Triumph I am sitting on) and a Series 1500 fairing (on Eric's bike) for a proposed speed record. This is a pretty good shot to see the differences between the Series 1000 (lft) and the Series 1500.

"This will be good PR", they said.

I never saw them again. Corky, Rich... you out there?

What actually happened?

Serial # 37-531061

Brian sends us these pics of his 1980 Honda CB900 Custom with a Windjammer IV fairing

"A Great Fairing! Merry Christmas Rod & Mary Coates."

That is what they wrote on their Christmas card in1970. Rod was the service manager for Triumph East. He had a bad left leg so he trimmed his Series 1600 Vetter Phantom fairing away to clear. He also trimmed the top of the windshield. That year, he and Mary rode it from Baltimore to Daytona. Everybody in the motorcycle community liked these two.

Rod was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2008.

Duane Anderson's Series 1000 Vetter Fairing on his 1967 Yamaha 350

This is a very early Series 1000 Vetter Fairing. You can tell because the windshield on those first fairings were very steeply raked. Duane worked with me at Vetter. He liked this fairing because of the low windshield and trimmed it down even further. The sides are clipped about 2" per side and the windshield was shortened.

The military poncho kept our stuff dry on the bike and on the ground. This is how we rode in those days.

2010: An original Series 1000 Fairing is on display in the AMA Hall of Fame Museum

Here is a story from 1979 from Dan Whitfield, my Eco-driving friend:
Dan and Rosina Whitfield 1979-2010: Then and Now in the Smokie Mountains
Dan says: "Streamliner motorcycling today...

Thanks to the realities proven by original Vetter Windjammer."

"Rosina was the 25 year old anchor lady at News 12 (Richmond VA). I was the 34 year old wrench at my Dad's Harley shop (Petersburg VA).

We met when she came to cover H-D Chairman Vaughan Beals visit to try my prototype single fire ignition on his electraglide across thebredth of VA.

Soon after we decided to vacation together on a bike trip to New Orleans. Two weeks and 3000+ miles later we had this picture taken at Thomas Divide in the Smokie Mtns.

The fun we were having shows in this picture.

In spite of a 70MPH fall in the rain near Atlanta, of which the chrome strip in the Windjammer took the brunt without other damage to us or the bike, We were having the time of our lives.

The Windjammer proved what a difference streamlining could make in comfort, fun and utility (doubled my annual mileage). The Windjammer started my fascination with wind cheating motorcycling."

Dan and their son, Skyler, at the first "Gathering of Streamliners", AMA's Vintage Days in Ohio, summer of 2009

"Now, 30 years later real Bonneville style streamliners for the street are happening thanks to hard work by Craig and Carol Vetter along with others around the world.

Well, you are a big part of this revolution, too, Dan, proving that there is there is important motorcycle history to be made.

Rich's 2005 Sportster with a 1976 Windjammer III #09-136005.

Well, here she is. Maybe a bit premature since I still have to see what I am going to do with the finish of the WJ. Do I try to clean up or do I paint it. One thing is for sure, nothing will happen until next spring since it has been so great riding it in our cold weather with all the protection that it provides. Chances are I will shave about two inches off of the top of the windshield or lower the fairing a bit. I have to experiment.

One other thing, it is so great riding through wind and not having it move the front around. I just plow through. You really gotta bring these fairings back....

Rich visited me in Carmel
Rich found a company that has tooled up to make Sportster brackets:


Aliano Iron Inc.
172 Castroville Road
Salinas, CA 93907-8801
(831) 394-3992

Rich wanted to know which Lowers to try: "Rich: Your Sportster Engine is narrow. I would look for some Lowers that have not had their front edge trimmed away for sideways engines. Look at Lowers for singles or twins." Craig

Michael Willey's Windjammer IV Ser #37- 487589

Craig, I am so glad to see that you are still among us.  Back in the 70's I was an extensive user of your products.  Unfortunately during my second divorce the ex-wife burnt many of my old photos. 
Back in 1996, I bought a 1979 Honda GL1000 that had a Windjammer IV (serial # 37-487589).  I later purchased a set of lowers at a swap meet here in the Detroit area.  I also found an original Cycle Sound housing, that I installed into the faring. 
I also purchased a set of Bates bags and a Bates Trunk.  So over the next year I restored that machine and sold it in 2002 to a friend that thought he wanted to ride once again.  However he left it sit and it is a mess now.  So I bought it back and will have to do the restoration over again. 

Back in late 1979 I bought a 1980 FLH Classic and I rode it to Daytona for Bike Week. In March 1981, I purchased a set of Hippo Hands for the ride back home. I found a photo of my arrival that year. I also had a Cyclesound installed on that sled, with a Panasonic AM/FM/8 Track/CB radio.
Genuine HippoHands in 1981

just wanted to thank you for your investment into the motorcycle industry. By the way, I wish that you were still in the industry, as I was always happy with your quality.

God Bless

HI Craig,
I had one of your fairings on a Honda 750 back in 75', man what a great product! Wish I had that bike today------- My question is do you think it would be possible to mount a Windjammer to a Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad? Do you know if anyone has tried this?
I am sending you a pic of my old 750.(plus a pic of the Nomad ) Thanks and have a great day.
Bob Deavours
VROC #14647
Craig replies: The tank is probably too wide for a Windjammer. Watch the development of my new street fairing, the Alcan Fairing. I have not found a bike it wouldn't fit.
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