2006: The first Windjammer found!
The end of June, 1971, George Monroe stopped by to buy a fairing for his BMW. When he saw the Windjammer on my Kawasaki 500, he had to have it. We removed it from my Kawasaki, buffed it up, put a new windshield on it and made up our first BMW hardware. Before we let him go, we took a bunch of pictures of George and his bike.
I knew a remarkable artist, George Tisten. From this photo, George redrew Monroe with a newer BMW and a production Windjammer.
George Monroe, 1971 and the first Windjammer, heading west
This was our business card for the next 5 years
35 years later, I located George Monroe and the first Windjammer, still in the west
George Monroe was kind enough let me have my first Windjammer back. This first Windjammer is very different from anything you have seen.
The very first Windjammer

This is what I stared at when riding my H1 2,500 miles to Aspen and back in June of 1971. I had not finished the inside because I did know how it should be. Design for me involves a lot of staring. By the time I got back to Illinois, I knew what to do.

Generally I am not a collector. But this fairing is like an old friend.

Thank you George. This means a lot to me.

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