The Freedom Machine
A proposal for a new class of motor vehicles that is based upon the amount of fuel it consumes
Free at last
We have cars, busses, motorcycles and motorhomes. Each is different and serves a unique purpose. What about a new kind of vehicle whose purpose is to free our country from importing foreign fuel?

Lets call it the Freedom Machine. It won't look like anything you have seen.

This is my proposal for energy independence and real job creation

Freedom Machine: The Basics
In the past, politicians' solutions to our energy problems have not been very creative. To reduce energy consumption, they lowered speed limits. They controlled when we could and could not buy fuel. We might as well go back to bed. Politicians' solutions restrict us. Where is the incentive to invent new solutions?

What would happen if politicians actually helped the inventors of America solve our problems?

The government needs to get out of the way

We could develop the American Freedom Machine could be that opportunity.

The Freedom Machine would be any vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon, at 70 miles per hour, into a 30 mph headwind carrying at least 4 bags of groceries. Freedom Machines would be 100% US content and labor.

The number of wheels is not important

Everybody wants a vehicle like this

Freedom Machine operators will be able to:

Go as fast as 100 miles per gallon will allow on freeways.

Be free from most governmental requirements.

Manufactures of Freedom Machines:

Be free from most governmental requirements.

Will be free from law suits.

Definition of the Freedom Machine

2-3-4 or more wheels are OK.

Mileage really needs to be associated with the cost of the fuel, not the amount. Instead of mpg, miles per gallon, we need to think: "miles per cent", or "mpc". For example, at $4.00 a gallon, a typical 25 mpg vehicle costs 16 cents to go a mile. A Freedom Machine would cost 4 cents to travel a mile. Thinking in terms of dollars and cents will help us understand the relative merits of the various fuels like electric, hydrogen, Diesel and the various grades of gasoline.

Of course, each state will have its Road Tax added into the Freedom Machine's computer. For example, in Carmel, California, we pay 82¢ for each $4 gallon of fuel, or 100 miles driven. Freedom Machines will be expected to pay the same.

The license plate will be a digital screen that also displays the speed and mileage something like this:

70 mph @ 100 mpg - 4¢ / mile

The digital license / display panel will control the top speed of the vehicle, keeping it within 100 mpg or 4¢ a mile. On the freeway, any speed obtained at the cost of 4 cents a mile will be OK. The Freedom Machine will be able to travel as fast as 4¢ a mile will allow.

Freedom Machine: Details

The government needs to get out of the way

As a designer with over 45 years of experience, I have learned that it is easy to solve a problem, once we have identified that problem. The problem, as I understand it, is:

"3 out of every 4 gallons of our vehicles' fuel is imported from foreigners. This is making us poor and making them rich. Some of them hate us. They use what was once our money to try to destroy us."

The solution is simple: We must do more with less. Inventor and Designer Buckminster Fuller said this over 50 years ago. If we reduced our consumption by 3/4ths, we would not be buying foreign fuel for our vehicles.

Creating a Freedom Class Vehicle will make "doing more with less" popular.

America's inventors know what to do. Politicians need to help or get out of the way. Now is a good time.

Buckminster Fuller

What would a Freedom Machine look like?

It would be streamlined: Round at the front... pointed at the rear.

The shape that goes thru the air best is streamlined. There is no alternative. This is a basic Design Truth.
What real streamlining looks like
Streamlined: Round at the front... pointed at the rear.

How much power would a Freedom Machine have?
I believe we need 12 to 20 horsepower, once we are streamlined.
Popular culture believes we need 300 horsepower. It is horsepower that consumes fuel. More horsepower burns more fuel. It is as simple as that.

This is where our fuel is going

Real Streamlining and the right amount of power is the formula for 100 mpg @ 70 mph.

Freedom to Choose

The government needs to get out of the way

Little by little, politicians have taken away freedoms we once had. For example, there was a time when we could decide for ourselves whether or not we wanted to wear a helmet. Today politicians think it is their responsibility to mandate safety. The freedom to decide what is safe, to take risks and and accept responsibility for our own actions is being taken away from us.

Restoring freedoms lost may be the single biggest incentives to owning and operating Freedom Machines.

One lady asked:

"Would I be safe?"

My answer was:

"You are free to decide that for yourself"

Money cannot buy this kind of freedom. Most important, the Freedom Machine Class of vehicles will help solve our energy problem.

Nobody will force you to drive a Freedom Machine. You can continue to drive your current vehicle.

Freedom from law suits?

Greedy plaintiffs and their willing attorneys keep America from being the land of the free and home of the brave. Greedy plaintiffs tend to force manufacturing to other countries where it is harder to sue and collect.

Many of the most capable designers and engineers in our country, once they are successful, are reluctant to risk it all again.

Manufacturers of Freedom Machines would be free from law suits.

When our government wanted American industry to produce an anthrax vaccination, industry balked. Those of us in business know that nothing is perfectly safe. In order to get the vaccination, the government had to hold the manufacturers harmless.

The same deal needs to be made to generate the Freedom Machine industry.

The government needs to get out of the way

Could this create new mini-Silicon Valleys?

You can implement the Freedom Class of vehicles in your own state.

A Governor could sign the new Freedom class into law.

A Freedom Class Vehicle will cost tax payers nothing

Manufacturers don't need any concessions

Manufacturers just need the freedom

Does anyone have a better idea?

See how they got 470 mpg at the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contests 1980-85
Follow the progress on my own Freedom Machine
The government needs to get out of the way

Thank you for considering these very important issues

Craig Vetter

Inventor and Designer

Carmel, California

This page posted Aug 12, 2008

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