The Freedom Machine: Details
Most people don't realize that our government exerts very few rules over motorcycles. 2 or 3 wheelers are looked at as being the same. This is good. 4 wheelers have the overbearing requirements.

Therefore, to make things easy, I propose that a Freedom Machine need only meet motorcycle requirements, minus the minimum horsepower requirements. I think we will find that 12-20 horsepower will be enough power, once the vehicle is streamlined. At present, 12 hp is not legal on freeways. We need to change the rules.

Motorcycle or motorscooter?
What is the difference between a motorcycle and motorscooter? The FIM has rules that separate the two. For example, the FIM says to be a scooter, the engine has to be a part of the swing arm.


I think this is a mistake. They may like that in Europe, but this is a silly requirement in the US. As we begin to develop the streamlined, fuel efficient Freedom Machine, there will be no meaningful differences to differentiate a scooter from a cycle.

More Freedoms for Freedom Machine operators:

Anyone with a Freedom Machine would be able to go on freeways as fast as 100 mpg (4¢) per mile would allow. Is this cool or what?

Isn't this the kind of innovation we want?

Freedom Machine operators would also be able to park as close or closer to our destination as the handicapped. After all, if handicapped want to park closer, they too can drive a Freedom Machine too.

Surely, licensing fees and taxing can be held to an absolute minimum. Freedom Machines, by their very nature, will be lightweight and small. Our roads will hardly notice that they are there. Isn't it in the best interest of our country to encourage the owning and riding of these machines?

I must emphasize that:

"Nobody should be required to have or drive Freedom Machines. You should always have the freedom to drive what you want".

Certification: Government controlled certifications seem to produce bogus results. Who can believe the window sticker claimed fuel consumption figures? I propose privately controlled, public certification events that test and demonstrate the actual performance of all Freedom Machine candidates.

Participating manufacturers will be required to certify that their production machines will produce the same results. After production actually begins, a random selection from the assembly line would suffice as their entry into the next public contest.

Why cheat? How would cheating help solve our problem?

Aug 10, 2009, Ray writes: I read your proposal over the weekend and I like it. Particularly the idea of putting all forms of energy use in a common form of cents per mile or miles per cent. That way we will actually be able to compare all forms of transportation on an equal basis. The tough part will be the law makers as I am sure you are aware. They vote primarily with what they think will draw the most votes for them personally. This will have to be a ground swell movement, as you say make it cool, in order to get lawmakers to do the right thing. Another stumbling block may be insurance companies making your vehicle prohibitively expensive to insure. But not to dwell on the negative, your proposal is an excellent idea that I am certain the founding fathers of this country would have endorsed unanimously and maybe would even have been baffled that such a proposal is even needed given the premise of freedom this country was started with. I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to staying in touch with your efforts. Take care.

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