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Saturday, July 4, 2015, 10 AM: Twenty two motorcyclists saddled up and rode 40 miles to Santa Nella and back thru the beautiful California countryside.

The bikes that consumed the least energy - as measured in dollars and cents - won.
Overall Winner:

Alan Smith on his Vetter streamlined Ninja 250 consumed gasoline at the rate of 2.0¢ per mile.

That is 177 mpg!

Electric Winner:

Terry Hershner on his unmodified Zero S with a 12.5 Powertank went the distance and consumed energy at the rate of 2.22¢ per mile.

This was a close contest!

In the past, however, Electric Terry did much better, consuming around 1.3¢ per mile. Why so much more energy in the Corbin event? Simple: He was not streamlined.
Electric Terry Hershner: Hunched over in the wind without streamlining. This does confirm that a stock Zero SR will actually go 80 miles on one charge in real California driving.

What will it do with Vetter Streamlining?

We are going to find out.

Alan Smith: Sitting up in comfort. Able to carry groceries. 177miles per gallon.
Your Winners!

Some pretty good performers:
David Ewart did the 80 miles @ 2.2¢ per mile on his Electric Zero Vic Valdes did the 80 miles @ 2.2¢ per mile on his Ninja 250 (163mpg)
Chet Valdes did the 80 miles @ 2.5¢ per mile on his Ninja 250 (142mpg) John Navarro did the 80 miles @ 4.2¢ per mile on his 2015 Honda 300E (85mpg)
My old Helix did the 80 miles @ 4.4¢ per mile (82mpg) It is time to retire this bike to a museum and start over with electric. Garth LaComb did the 80 miles @ 4.5¢ per mile on his 2006 Burgman 400 (80mpg)

Gildardo Orosco, V-Star 250 69mpg, 5.2¢ per mile Carol Vetter Honda Rebel 250 68mpg, 5.3¢ per mile Zak Vetter got a ticket for allowing cinematographer to hang out the sunroof filming. The cinematographer got one, too.
The Nistler Brothers had my heart:
Riding their Vetter equipped 1979 Honda GLs, the Nistlers each got 42mpg
Noah Nistler consumed $7.17 cents worth of premium gas Cotton Nistler consumed $7.21 cents worth of premium
40mpg was typical for bikes like this in the 1970s.

A gallon of gas took the GL 42 miles.

A gallon of gas took Alan Smith 177 miles!

Real streamlining and the correct horsepower makes the difference.

We have come a long way from the Vetter Windjammer.

Thank you, Nistlers for reminding us how things were in the 70s.

Thank you Alan for showing how things can be today.

The next morning, July 5, we all departed for the Vintage Days Challenge in Ohio, 2500 miles away

Edwin Cologne, Cinematographer and Editor from EOC Films has been documenting us

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Posted July 31, 2015