Coast to coast on electricity

"If fuel ever becomes precious, we will want to be streamlined"

Craig Vetter, 2008

Fuel is precious in electric vehicles

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June 17, 2013: Maybe the best report so far. Great images, too
May 31, 2013 interview with Craig Vetter and Alan Smith
June 15, 2013: Craig Vetter discusses the future of elrctric motorcycles

Terry Hershner just completed a great adventure. Alone. He kept his equipment running by himself. With no crew. With no support vehicles. Just him and his wonderful Zero electric motorcycle on the highway. He reminds me of Charles Lindbergh who flew alone, non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean in May of 1927, 86 years ago.

They called Lindbergh the "Lone Eagle"
Terry is today's "Lone Rider"
Lindbergh changed the world of aviation with his daring accomplishment. Terry Hershner is changing the world of electric motorcycles.

Terry rode from charging station to charging station. He has them all mapped out on his iPhone. On the road, at 70-80 mph, his range was about 150-160 miles miles between refills. That is about the same as gas bikes.

While his batteries were being recharged, Terry napped. Then he rode until he needed a recharge. Alone. All day and all night until he reached Jacksonville. It wasn't easy. Several highway closures slowed him down. He was stuck in Texas for a day replacing his motor.

Once he arrived in Florida and rode at slower 35-45 mph speeds, a charge lasted about 300 miles.

2,450 miles. In 135 hours. By himself. Terry Hershner. Wow.

Those who helped Terry streamline his Zero Electric Motorcycle

Back row left to right: Craig Vetter, Alan Smith, Justin Burr and Zak Vetter.

Surely this is the most advanced electric motorcycle in America.

Motorcycle history was made by these men.

*Correction from my interview with Bike Nerds: I seem to never accurately remember Kraig Schultz' pioneering electrical numbers. In 2011, Kraig actually went 38 miles out in the Vetter Challenge at Mid Ohio, twice what I often report. Sorry, Kraig. I will do my best to un-burn the wrong numbers from my brain.

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The story of electric motorcycles has only just begun