Everything you need to know about Vetter Lowers
#1: There were two generations of Lowers:
Most Lowers were this type
This Lower fits only the Windjammer 5

Any Windjammer with a black mask around the headlight needs Vetter Lowers like this because the shape of the fairing is different from previous Windjammers. The new Lowers were changed to fit the new Windjammer 5 shape.

Why did I make a different style Lower?
Headlight Masks
I had a master plan for my fairing product line. The Windjammer would be joined by the smaller Quicksilver and the Mystery Ship, which would share Quicksilver parts. These fairings had masks around their headlights. I used a "Mask" around the headlight to create a unifying "Family Look" thus the Windjammer 5. I will show you my plans for the next generation Windjammers later.

After 1978, I no longer owned Vetter Corportion. When you are no longer boss, things don't necessarily materialize as you plan.

Back to Vetter Lowers:

#2 All Lowers were made with a front part and a rear part

These parts were bonded together in generally the same location

There were exceptions but I cannot recall.

#3 All Lowers came out of the same molds: Meaning the front and rear parts began the same

Does this mean any Lower can be put on any bike? Sort of.

Here's how it works.

Rear part
Front part
With the parts bonded together, Lowers looked like this. In those days, the popular engine configuration was a "sideways four"... Honda 750, Kawasaki 903, Suzuki 1100, etc. Most Lowers, then, were the same except for minor trimming for things like choke lever access, petcock access, etc.

You can easily trim these "generic" Lowers yourself to fit almost any motorcycle.

Lower for Japanese transverse fours
Surgery to make a Lower fit a Honda GL or BMW (or anything)
Early GL
Later GL
These are all the same Lowers just trimmed differently. I hope this gives you the confidence to trim your Vetter Lowers fit your bike. Just go slow and sand away any sharp edges when you are done. Cracks can start where there are rough edges.

Which Lowers fit what:

Lowers were made specifically to fit the various popular motorcycles. Today, EBAY is the only source of Lowers. Type in Vetter and eventually, what you want will show up. You must be careful to buy the ones made for your year and brand. But even if your Lower does not fit perfectly, you can trim it to fit. See above. All Windjammer, Vindicator, and Kawasaki-by-Vetter fairings will accept any Vetter Lowers made for the Windjammer.

Lowers for all Windjammers 1971-1981

According to Vetter Catalogs of the period, the following Lowers Types fit the following bikes:

(The problem is that few Lowers went out with the "Type" lable on them. There was no need to. We marked the box. Today, it makes identification difficult)

Type 1: Fits pre 1979 Honda GL1000s and 1977 CB400F

Type 2: Honda CB750A; 1977-8 CB750K; Suzuki GS400X; GS550E; GS750E, L & Yamaha XS11, Special

Type 3: 1977-8 Honda CB750F; 1978-79 Kawasaki KZ650; Custom, KZ900, KZ1000, Std & LTD, MKII, 79 Suz GS 850 - 1000, EL

Type 4: Honda CB 550F, CB550K, CB650, Kaw KZ750; Yamaha XS360, 400, 500, 650, 650 Special, 750 and 750 Special

Type 5: 1975-6 Honda CB750F, 750K

Type 6: 1977-79 BMW/7

Type 9: Honda CX500, 78, 79. 80.

Type 10: CB750 K, L ,F, 1979-80

Lowers for Windjammer 5: 1981-1984

From "Windjammer V Lowers Mounting Instructions" dated 12-12-80:

Type 51: Honda GL1100

Type 52: Honda CB900 1980, CB750F, K, C 1979-1980

Type 53: Kawasaki KZ1000, MKII, ST

Type 54: Suzuki 550LX, 850GX, Yamaha XS1100

Type 55: Honda CX500, Custom, Deluxe

Type 56: Suzuki GS1100, GS750

More comments about Windjammer Fairing Lowers:

Windjammer Lowers: Every Windjammer can be fitted with lowers. The first series Windjammer was not drilled for them, however. To fit lowers to those fairings, simply hold up a set of lowers, mark the hole location and drill 3/8" holes (4 on each side).

From Windjammer II on, all Windjammers came with the holes drilled but plugged with plastic caps. To install lowers, pop off the caps and press in the rubber Lowers Mounting nuts in the kit.

After 30 or so years, the rubber in those kits has gotton hard and no longer expands properly. You will probably need the fresh components in our Lowers Mounting Kit.

It comes with stainless steel screws, too.

Windjammer, Vindicator and Kawasaki Lowers

Vetter Corporation made Windjammer and Vindicator fairings. In addition, the company made fairings for Kawasaki which were essentially Vindicator fairings. All these fairings accept the same windshield, the same lowers and will fit on any Vetter hardware.

All Windjammer/ Vindicator/ Kawasaki fairings were the essentially same... If it had a mask, it took Windjammer 5 Lowers

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