Dates sold: S2000 Mar. 9, 1968 to Feb. 5 to 1969

S2500 Feb. 28 1969 to Sep. 1971

Bikes fit: BMWs
Number made: Approx. 20 S2000

Approx.100 S2500

Retail price range: S2000 Retail $159

S2500 Retail $169

First seen: Feb. 1969 Cycle Magazine
Fibreglass, black or white, Hand scratched in serial # under foam tape right side from front
Series 2000 and 2500 motorcycle fairings
From the beginning, BMW owners were the most interested in Vetter fairings. Because of this, Mike Jones, my business manager of the time, insisted that I design a fairing for BMWs. Fotrunately, I had a friend, Dave Blaine, in Rantoul, where we were now located, who had a BMW and was willing to let me use it.
One cold morning, on Sat. Feb 16, 1968, we rolled Dave's BMW out and took photos for our ads and press release. It fit perfectly... better than any other fairing I would ever make, because it was only for BMW. We were all very proud. Mike was happy because he had something people said they wanted. Notice that Dave's windshield has a straight bottom line. After making about twenty of these, I redesigned the S2000 to allow it to use our new "Gull" shaped windshield. It now became the S2500 Phantom Fairing.
Dave Blaine's BMW and the first Series 2000 Vetter Fairing
Found in 2006! One of the the first Series 2000 Vetter Fairings!

This very rare Vetter fairing - only 25 or so were made - was found in a shed within 15 miles of where it was made.

Besides the new windshield, the new Series 2500 Phantom employed storage pockets at the front. It was important to me that these pockets be able to hold a can of oil, which in those days was a round cylinder.
We made another 100 or so Series 2500 fairings before the Windjammer killed all interest in Phantom fairings.
See Series 2000-2500 Phantom Fairings on Vetter Owner's bikes
This beautiful Series 2500 Phantom, probably the last one made, is now on display at the AMA's Hall of Fame museum

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