Dates sold: Mar 21, 1969 thru Sep, 1971
Bikes fit: Suz 500, BSA/Tri triples, Kaw 500
Number made: Approx. 400
Retail price range: Retail $174 (‘69)
First seen: Aug. 1969 Cycle Guide
Fibreglass, black or white, Hand scratched in serial # under foam tape right side from front
1969 Vetter Series 1600 Phantom III Fairing

The Series 1600 Fairing was essentially a Vetter Series 1500 Fairing with scoops. The very first Series 1600 fairings were made to fit the BSA / Triumph Triples. I sent the first Phantom III to Rod Coates, Service manager of Triumph. He rode it to Daytona.

Right away, Suzuki introduced their 500 twin which turned out to have even wider cylinders than the British Triples. Then Kawasaki introduced their Triple 500s. The Series 1600 Vetter Fairing fit these new bikes from Japan even better.

This was an interesting day: I had just finished designing the Vetter/Rocket 3, which was to become the Triumph Hurricane of 1973. Behind the Vetter/Rocket 3 model is my Suzuki 500 with a specially painted stars and bars Series 1600 Fairing. It was my favorite paint job. I always bought the biggest two stroke street bike I could.

When Kawasaki introduced their Triple 500, I had to have one those, too.

3-M Scotchlite was being endorsed by the AMA as a safety reflective material. It looked good to me. I thought it was pretty too, so I put Gold Scotchlite stripes on production Series 1600 Phantom 3 Fairing. It glows when headlights shine on it. Then I put it on the Vetter-BSA I was designing.

Scotchlite is still the basis for reflective highway signs.

There I am, 29 years old, in Texas with my blue tank H1.
My 1969 Series 1600 Vetter Phantom III Fairing

Still makes my heart go pitter-patter.

As I was finishing up the Vetter/Rocket 3 project, I went to work designing a special fairing for the new Honda 750, which I called the Phantom IV. As you can see in the pic below, the new fairing began as a Series 1600 Phantom III fairing:

August 12, 1969: Beginning work on a new fairing for the just-introduced Honda 750. The scoops had to be widened even more for the wide, four cylinder engine. Much had to changed. We now had turn signals to deal with.

An original Series 1600 Vetter Phantom III Fairing is now at the AMA's Motorcycle Heritage Museum, Pickerington, Ohio

Posted Mar 3, 2006

Updated Aug 14, 2011