1975 Blue Max Fairing
Malcolm Forbes and me with Malcolm's Blue Max Fairing in New York

We have decided to produce "The Little Windjammer Book" that will serve as a complete database for Windjammer Fairings. Besides helping AMCA Concourse judges, the book will go into great detail about serial numbers and dates involving your Windjammer Fairings. You will like this book.

But I need help.

Some of my records are incomplete. Two fires at the factory wiped out everythig else, long ago. Would you be so kind as to help us rebuild the record?

For example: In 1975, we built about 100 Blue Max Windjammers. Malcolm Forbes had one. What happened to them? Do you have one? Will you send me a story and serial number?

Blue Max details are appearing:

One of the differences with the Blue Max Windjammer was the tonneau covers. They had special blue straps... soft cover on the left... hard cover on the right:

Thanks to Phil Newton for this pic
Posted Oct 13, 2009

Revised Feb 13, 2010