Chapter 3: Combining the ALCAN Fairing with the Vetter Streamlined tail
By "Hybrid" we mean a Streamliner Tail and an Alcan Fairing
My friend, Jack Greenman of Massachusetts wants to be the builder of ALCAN Kit #1. Even better, he want to combine it with aVetter Streamliner Tail Kit. Nobody has done this, altho my son, Zak and I are planning to finish up his KLR with a tail.

And why not?

Air won't blow backwards and make our neck cold.

This will be a wonderfully faired bike.

It will more streamlined and burn less fuel.

It will carry four bags of groceries!

Is the next step in touring bikes?

Jack just be the man to find out. Jack sent me his PhotoShopped sketch to begin our dialog:

I asked him to send me a picture of him sitting on his bike so I could more accurately incorporate my parts (top of page). The following is some correspondence between us:

Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 11:16 AM Vetter says: "Morning Jack:

You are going to have a fun project there. and it just my turn out to be a great gas-sipper, too.

RE kits... I do plan to do an ALCAN Kit and a Streamliner Kit. My kits will be a roll of paper with full sized cut out parts. You will be able to purchase the hard parts if you want. For the Alcan, those parts will include the belly pan, and the headlight assembly. You should be able to make the rest. Want to be ALCAN Builder #1?

For the tail... if you can't find milk carton material locally, all you might need will be our Banana Tacks. Yesterday, however, I discovered I can get the milk carton in silver. The only proper color for a streamliner is silver, right? It will roll up and mail."

Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 10:35 AM Jack replies: "Good Morning Craig,

I think she really could be, she's already the second most fuel efficient machine I've owned the winner was an Enfield Bullet. I'll put your advice for the photoshopping into effect as soon as I can find the cord that links my camera to the laptop.

I would be thrilled to be Alcan Builder #1. I know I want one on the GS500, but I also want to see if I'll be able to mount one to the Ural with its leading link front end. I ride the Ural through the winters here in MA and I think the Alcan fairing would make riding in snow & sleet storms quite a bit more pleasant.

I quite agree, I think Silver is the proper color for all things streamlined, in my head when I hear the word I think back to those old Mercedes and Auto Union race cars. The Mercedes like a wing on the ground, and the Auto Union round at the front and sharp at the tail - what monsters those were.

Of course you can use my pictures. God knows you've been more than gracious letting me use designs, ideas, and giving me advice through the years.

Alright, its almost 50 degrees and I have to get my kit on to go put a center stand and new sprockets on the GS. Also have to do a bit of work on the Ural to get her ready for the snow that will sure to start regular pretty soon!


November 5, 2011 8:03:09 PM Craig wrote, after PhotoShopping Jack's pictures (above) : "When you ride with a fairing, Jack, you sit taller, more straight up. This is because you no longer have the wind to have to lean against. I took the liberties of straightening you up.

You will want to raise your bars. Probably trim down the top of the windshield. Can't tell yet.

To be improved over Alan's Ninja 250, the tail needs to be this shape if it is going to be effective.

This may be a little different than you imagined.

Whatcha think?


Dec 26, 2012: Further development of the ALCAN Fairing has been put on hold to allow me to finish writing my book.

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