SeatWings of 1984
"Strapped-over the seat" SeatWings
Bloggers seem to be interested in how the seat board might be developed. Here are some versions I designed in 1983-4:

The top image is of SeatWings designed to fit over any existing motorcycle seat.

To to the right are SeatWings built into the seat itself.

To operate, on the open highway, the rider lifted the wings into place. An over-center hinge locked them up. Very strong. I could actually stand on the wings. To trip them, I designed a cable that was attached to the foot brake. A simple tap on the brake pedal pulled the hinge inward, making the wings to fold down.

Below is a detail from the preliminary patent drawings:

1984 SeatWings built into the seat
In 1984, Bell pulled the plug on further development. Fortunately, I saved all the documentation and photos of the SeatWing project. I even saved the original SeatWing from the GL, top picture. Here it is draped over a Concours:
1984 SeatWings in 2010

You can see the cables that that were attached to the brake pedal (other side) that tripped the SeatWings.

Motorcycle seats have changed a bit since 1984. To work properly today, things would have to be reshaped. It is still a good idea.
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