Energy Absorbing Fairing
Motorcycles don't have any energy absorbing equipment to help the rider in an accident. When a deer stepped out in front of a friend on his dual sport BMW and caused great damage to him and his motorcycle, I decided to design something that would lessen the impact and absorb the energy.
Prototype, proof of concept only
A traditional cow catcher would simply pull a motorcycle into the ground and be of no use. Something that would slowly absorb any impact of a big animal who was in the wrong place was needed. At a flea market in Oregon I found a big, two man saw and knew immediately how to solve our problem. I affixed it to the front of one of my new metal-armored KLR fairings and had it re sharpened. Then I designed an extra blade over the front fender and sharpened it too.

I was a little worried about the extra side area up front as the KLR does not do well crosswinds. However, it seems to have no adverse effects on handling.

I made two, sending the first one to my friend, Don in Anchorage, who tells scarey tales of moose on the roads. So far, neither of us has had an encounter and we hope we never will.

I will keep you posted if and when...

Updated April 1, 2008