Two print sizes, each personally signed by Craig Vetter and Reg Pridmore
The Vetter Superbike came about when Cycle Magazine editors, Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling advised, "If I wanted to win, get Reg Pridmore and Pierre des Roches." They gave good advice. In 1978, the Vetter Superbike won the AMA Superbike Series on the Kawasaki Pierre built. A ghostly image of Pierre and me, pushing off Reggie, is in the background.

The Vetter Superbike became the basis for the Mystery Ship. Famous Hollywood photographer, Frank Bez photographed Mystery Ship #1 and Vetter Superbike #163 on film. We offer this gorgeous picture in two sizes:

16" x 20" for $110.85 Shipping included to US/Canada..... $120 total Overseas.

20" x 30" for $208 Shipping included to US/Canada..... $220 total Overseas.

Chromira printed on Fuji Crystal White Archival PD-2 "Lifetime" paper full white bleed for maximum frame size. The Vetter Design mark is embossed into the paper.

Note: Cook and Reggie have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Mystery Ship #1 is on display in the Hall of Fame. #163 is owned and raced by Brian O' Shea. Pierre died in a helicopter accident.
US / Canada: $110.85
Overseas: $120
16" x 20" Vetter Superbike Print
US / Canada: $208
Overseas: $220
20" x 30" Vetter Superbike Print
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