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Kit parts are available as of June 2015

If you ride a 20-25 hp bike, completed Vetter Streamlining pretty much doubles the distance your fuel will take you at 70 mph.


Width of nose at the widest: 24"

Width of backrest: 25"

The kit above cost is $2000 plus tax if any plus crating and shipping.

The windshield (not included) is locally available polycarbonate flat sheet. .090" works well.

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This streamlining bodywork is designed to meet the goals of the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenges which are to:

Be able to go 70 mph, into 30 mph headwinds.

Ride sitting up and comfortable.

Carry a useful load like 4 bags of groceries.

Be your first choice of vehicles in your garage.

The Vetter Streamlining Kit can be put on almost any motorcycle - from the Helix scooter above to the Electric Zero, below. It is "person sized"... not "bike size" determined. (You are the same sized person, no matter if you are on a moped or a Harley-Davidson.) However, if you have less than 20 horsepower, you probably won't have adequate power for the way you want to ride. If you have more than 25 horsepower, you will be able to go a lot faster than is legal in the US and will probably consume more fuel than you need to.

Some notes about making your Streamliner

I strongly suggest that you read the pages on my website showing how streamliners are made. Study how my Helix, Alan's Ninja 250 and Terry's Zero were made. You will need a shop and tools. That said, motorcyclists are more likely to be able to do this than most.

Vetter Streamliner Kits are designed to be made - as much as possible - from locally available components saving you time and shipping. For example, the aluminum for the framework can be purchased purchase locally. The streamlining skin is common milk carton paper and is also available locally. The unique, hard-to-find, hard to make components, are available here at the Vetter Streamliner SuperStore.

Banana Tacks

These wonderful little Nylon "rivets" are perfect for attaching the skin to your streamliner. And they are re usable. Simply drill your bulkheads with 1/4" holes, wrap the structure with the milk carton paper, make holes with an ice pick and press the Banana Tacks in with your thumb. They are paintable to match.

Vetter Banana Tacks are sized for the .095-.218 material thickness of our kits
Banana Tacks are packaged in bags of 100. The Tail Kit takes about 100. The Tail takes another 75, approx.
$25.00 inc. postage Carol

Milk Carton Paper

Available from us if you need it

.028" thick by 24" roll of milk carton paper
Contact Carol when ordering in case you need some Milk Carton paper.

Vinyl Wrapping

Avaialble locally

"Vinyl wrapping" is another locally-sourced part of your streamliner. Vinyl replaces painting and striping. You have seen the big murals on the side of RVs, trucks and cars, right? That artwork is pressure-sensitive vinyl rolls that have been digitally printed on a 4' wide ink jet printer. It is called "Vinyl wrapping." Every big town has a couple of job shops that do this:

Terry Hershner wrapped his Zero in mat black. After his record ride cross country, it still looks like new.
Updated June 3, 2015

Posted Jun 9, 2013