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Two print sizes, embossed and signed by the designer
Frank Bez photographed Mystery Ship #1 on 4x5 film. It was early in 1980 and only one Mystery Ship existed. To illustrate that the number on the side was the Mystery Ship production number, I put different numbers on #1 for various photos. This has caused a lot of confusion over the years. This is indeed Mystery Ship #1, the very same bike now on display in the Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio.

16" x 20" for $110.85 Shipping included to US/Canada..... $120 total Overseas, includes shipping.

20" x 30" for $208 Shipping included to US/Canada.....$220 total Overseas includes shipping.

Chromira printed on Fuji Crystal White Archival PD-2 "Lifetime" paper full white bleed for maximum frame size. The Vetter Design mark is embossed into the paper.

Either size, I will be happy to autograph your print and write a personal note for you.

US / Canada: $110.85
Overseas: $120
16" x 20" Mystery Ship Print
US / Canada: $208
Overseas: $215
20" x 30" Mystery Ship Print

Black Mystery Ship T- shirts
Maybe the most beautiful Vetter Shirt ever!
US / Canada: $34.60
Overseas: $38
T-Shirt Sizes
T-Shirt Sizes
Mystery Ship T-Shirt design

50-50 blend. Black only.

All prices include shipping

As of Feb 1, 2011, we are out of Mystery Ship XL and XXL.

A very limited opportunity:

Original Mystery Ship Promotional Package

These Mystery Ship Catalog packages were sold for $10 each in 1980. Each catalog was a piece of art, matching the Mystery Ship. The good news is that I saved a few, in my California warehouse, in their original mailing envelopes. The bad news is that after 28 years, the outer mailing envelopes have pretty much glued themselves together and you will have to steam them open. Inside, they are like new.

After saving a couple for museums, we offer the remaining to you.

If you like, I will steam yours open, sign and emboss it with the famous Vetter Logo

$75 Shipping included to US/Canada..... $81 total Overseas includes shipping.

US / Canada $75.00

includes shipping

Overseas: $81

includes shipping

Original 1980 printing
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