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Triumph Hurricane Cloisonné Pin
We gave up trying to find a nice Hurricane Cloisonne pin so we had our own made. Standard 1 1/2" wide size with two pins on the back to hold it straight.
Pin: US / Canada: $10.50

includes shipping

Pin: Overseas: $13.50

includes shipping

The Finest Photographic Print Ever of the 1973 Triumph Hurricane
In two sizes, embossed and signed by the designer
In 1977, I commissioned famous Hollywood photographer, Frank Bez to photograph my personal Hurricane for the upcoming book, "A Hurricane Named Vetter". (Available below) Frank is a perfectionist and spent hours in his studio getting the lighting just the way he wanted it. Lucky for us, he used 4 x 5 film - making this the highest quality transparency ever made of a Hurricane. So good, in fact, that you can read the bike's frame numbers! We never used this image in the book and it is available only here. Digitally drum scanned, we offer this gorgeous picture in two sizes:

16" x 20" for $110.85 Shipping included to US/Canada.....$120 total Shipping included Overseas.

20" x 30" for $208 Shipping included to US/Canada..... $220 total Shipping included Overseas.

Chromira printed on Fuji Crystal White Archival PD-2 "Lifetime" paper full white bleed for maximum frame size. The Vetter Design mark is embossed into the paper.

Either size, I will be happy to autograph your print and write a personal note for you. Some owners have asked me to note the serial number of their Hurricane. Be sure you include the correct numbers.

Read what owners say:
Thank you for the wonderful photograph of the X75 Hurricane and kind inscription. You can be sure it will find a home in a suitable frame and prominent spot on my offcie wall.

Don Brown, the man who instigated this bike in 1969

Just a quick "Thank You". I received the Hurricane print on Christmas Eve. It looks great. Thank Craig for taking the time to sign it as well. Happy New Year. B.B.
Craig...I received the poster today and I am spellbound! What a job! Maybe the best photo poster I have ever seen. Fred Hoese, Hurricane owner
US / Canada: $110.85
Overseas: $120
16" x 20" Hurricane Print
US / Canada: $208
Overseas: $220
20" x 30" Hurricane Print

It is big! It is beautiful. You can actually read the serial number on the bike!

Series 4 Black Hurricane T- shirts
"Ghost" logo on the front... the finest Hurricane T Shirt ever!.
US / Canada: $34.60

includes shipping

Overseas: $38

includes shipping

T-Shirt Sizes
T-Shirt Sizes
Hurricane T-Shirt design

50-50 blend. Black only.

The new Series 4 Hurricane T-Shirt

"Where Motorcycle Dreams Were Made"
I miss the dog but I married the girl
I commissioned John Francis Marsh, a very famous and accomplished artist, to paint the Vetter Design Works Studio as it was in the Spring of 1976.

In the background is the original "Vetter Rocket III", my design that was sent to England to become the Triumph Hurricane. After the original model was returned to me, I kept it in my studio.

One thousand 12 x 17 copies have been printed. The first 200 will be embossed with the Vetter logo. Each is numbered 1 of 200, 2 of 200, etc. I will sign each print for you. Go to the special Print page for the full story. As of Dec. 1, 2008, we are at #160.

John Francis Marsh, AFAS painter

$32.50 Shipping included to US/Canada.... $37.50 total Overseas, shipping included.

Each poster is placed into a triangular cardboard mailer and mailed via US mail unless other arrangements are made. The mailer will also hold a Hurricane book in case you want both.

Overseas: $37.50

includes shipping

US / Canada: $32.50

includes shipping

Dreams Print
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