The Rob Simpson Show at Mid Ohio 2008 P: 4
The Hall of Fame Museum, Vetter Rickman Cafe Racer as restored by Rob Simpson. Absolutely stunning!
In all fairness to Rob, he really wanted to put sidecovers on. But I did not race with them. ( I dislike covers of any sort. I like the see real stuff in there)
I spent a long time just sitting there, holding my old racer... just like so many times on so many Midwestern tracks back in 1975.
It felt like the starting line
Thank you, Rob Simpson, for all the work you have done for the Hall of Fame Museum

You may contact Rob at:

My Rickman Road Racer of 1975-6 is probably the finest example of an original American Cafe Bike. Today it is on a podium next to Wayne Rainey's Championship Kawasaki in the AMA Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio.
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