The Vetter Rickman Restoration: 2008
When the Rickman Brothers were inducted into our Motorcycle Hall of Fame in October of 2007, the Museum decided to invite Rickman motorcycles to the concourse. Robert Simpson - center - of Michigan stole top honors with his stunning Rickman Honda 750 Cafe Bike.
Fast forward to Vintage Days 2008 at Mid Ohio. Along with Triumph motorcycles, Cafe Bikes will be honored. What is a Cafe Bike, you ask?
Well, in England in the 50s and 60s, young riders developed really fast road burners to ride from cafe to cafe in London. The Busy Bee and the Ace Cafe were favorite destinations. Their bikes became known as Cafe Bikes and were equipped with clip ons and little fairings. We in America thought Cafe Bikes looked really cool, but few of us rode that way. We rode from coast to coast.
However, in the mid 1970s, the AMA had a Cafe Bike racing class. Since I was the distributor for Rickman Frames, I built a bike to race in this class Click for the story.
My Rickman is now on display at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. But, it is not as clean as Robert Simpson's beautiful Orange Rickman. Mark Mederski, Executive Director, mentioned that he would like to get it running and cleaned up. Who could we entrust this to? Who would understand its value?

It did not take us long to realize that Bob Simpson could be the man. So I called him. "Would he clean it up for the upcoming Vintage Days?"

We were right. Bob Simpson is the man.

Who is this guy Simpson?
We can see that Bob Simpson has been doing this a long time and that he is innovative. Here he is with his Vetter S1700 fairing that I designed for a Honda 750, but he has it on his Suzuki.
I just thought he was going to polish it
We are going to try to have the Rickman finished to be seen at Riding into History, a great event held Saturday, May 17, 2008, at the World Golf Village, St. Augustine, Florida

Page updated Mar 26, 2008