More on build dates - the date your machine was made

Courtesy Steve Rothera. Triple Echo, the TR3OC club magazine

Hi Craig,

I am the TR3OC Archivist & machine registrar, and hold the club archive, which includes the factory build & despatch books for the Hurricanes.

These are the dates on which the machine was built, not when it was despatched to the distributor.

Note that the bikes were not built in numerical order at the Triumph factory, Meriden; the only part of the bike built in numerical order were the engines. The engines, which were built at the Small Heath, Birmingham, BSA factory, were first transported to Meriden, then taken almost at random out of the stores to be built into the frame, which was then stamped with the same number as the engine. The letter “H” signifies the 1973 model year, which all production specification Hurricanes were, and the month code letter was stamped on to signify the month in which the machine was built. In the case of the Hurricane, none were stamped with A (January) or B (February) month codes, etc, because they did not conform to the 1973 build emissions & noise regulations, so had to appear as having being manufactured in 1972. You will see, therefore, that a lot of the XH bikes were built in January 1973, but appeared to have been built before the turn of the year.

I thought you may like to have the build date of the bikes on your database/register of existing machines. Here goes:

In the order that they appear on the Database:  (as of 17/12/2004).

HO 02701   If it is XH 02701 this bike was built on 17th January 1973


NH 00258   built 6th October 1972

NH 00267   built 6th October 1972

NH 00225   built 25th October 1972


PH 00943   built 13th November 1972

PH 00978    9th November 72

PH 01164    7th November 72

PH 01172    20th November 72

PH 01198   16th November 72

PH 01383   15th November 72

PH 01455   15th November 72

PH 01463   9th November 72

PH 01477   23rd November 72

PH 01167   1st November 72

PH 00298   2nd November 72

PH 00670   8th November 72

PH 00369   2nd November 72


XH 01856   3rd January 1973

XH 01891   2nd December 1972

XH 01895   2nd January 1973

XH 01912   22nd December 1972

XH 01951   9th January 1973

XH 01979   10th January 1973

XH 01998   28th December 1972

XH 01999   2nd January 1973

XH 02005   9th January 1973   

XH 02013   10th January 1973

XH 02046   4th January 1973

XH 02544   11th January 1973

XH 02569   15th January 1973

XH 02587   11th January 1973

XH 02609   12th January 1973

XH 02625   11th January 1973
Thank you, Steve. You send it and I'll post it.


Feb 28, 2005