Stories of motorcycle design through the eyes of a motorcycle designer
"The design philosophy expressed by Craig was very heady stuff, and surely way beyond the daily thought processes of 99% of the readers.  But, I have always felt that a magazine should not write to its readership.  It should always right a bit above its readership, challenge them, and urge them to higher levels of thinking and understanding. I'm not sure anyone is doing it today."

Ed Youngblood, 2004

From time to time, I will post some chapters or portions of chapters from the book I am writing about motorcycle design. If I ever complete it, you will have some idea of what you will be getting. If I do not ever publish it, well, at least you were able to read some of it here.
Why did Joe have to remove his tail? The 1937 Joe Petrali Story
1956 Guzzi V-8
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Want to do fun stuff like you see here? You just might want to become a "Product Designer". Check out this newly released book by my friend, Bruce Hannah. He explains what design is and offers a sample of the best design schools. I wish I had seen a book like this when I was high school.

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April 2004 Cycle World.

"Time & Design" My thoughts on the Confererate Wraith

August 2004 Cycle World

"Deja Design" The new Triumph Rocket 3 and what I would do to it.

December 2004 Cycle World

"Fender Wars" The story of how the famous Harley front fender got designed.

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