1984 Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Run
Date: Saturday, July 21, 1984
Location: Highway 1 through big Sur See map
Route: Carmel to Carmel, California
Distance: 62.5 miles
Allotted time:
By 1984, we had learned that the formula for maximum mileage was to have a very small frontal area, get streamlined and use an engine with about 8-17 horsepower. Mileage for these very specialized - but street legal - machines was up to 372 mpg in 1983. But, what about "Real Riding?"
New for 1984: The "Two-Up" Class
Chris & Kathleen Hodgson's streamlined 2-Up Class 1982 Honda GL1000
What might be possible sitting up with two people? I decided to find out.

The new "Two-up" Class had a 650cc minimum with two people and they had to sit up. (No tucking in - emulating the way we really ride). 1984 was the first year of the "Two-Up Class. Now we had two separate races.

Two-Up Preliminary results: 62.5 mile round loop into Big Sur and back
The next day, the top 2-up bikes competed at Laguna Seca on a nickel's worth of gas

Final results, 2-up Class

Of course, we still had the Open Class
The really high mileage machines all used the Streamliner body that I made, using Charly Perethian's Rifle for basic dimensions. Engines kept getting smaller and mileage kept increasing. Charly dropped out of this class to focus on his new Two-up machine, leaving Matsu and Hanebrink to battle it out.

Famous sculptor, Skeeter Wachtendonk made this beautiful Trophy for the Fuel Economy Contests. It is in the Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio today.

Left: Doug Malewicki logs in Matsu.

Red was the official T Shirt color

Open Class Preliminary results: 62.5 mile round loop into Big Sur and back
Hanebrink & Lebo: 557 mpg on Saturday road loop qualifier! An all time record.
The top qualifiers on the road were invited to compete the next day on the track of Laguna Seca.

Final results of the "Open" Class.

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