1983 Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Run
Date: July 17, 1983
Location: Highway 1 through big Sur See map
Route: Carmel to Carmel, California
Distance: 90 miles
Allotted time: 90 minutes
This image dramatically shows just how small the bikes were.

Lisa Luke piloted the Hondaline 185cc streamliner to 255 mpg on Saturday. But it was Charly Perethian (black Rifle shirt) who got 372 mpg on Saturday on the road, backing it up Sunday on the track with 365.93 mpg!

We would hold the race on a Laguna Seca race weekend. This was the first year for a two stage contest. We had planned to ride from San Luis Obispo to Carmel, but major landslides closed the Big Sur highway about 45 miles south of Carmel. All riders met at the Arco Station in Carmel where the tanks were filled and sealed. One by one, each rider headed down Highway 1 to a check point where they logged in, turned around and returned to Carmel, where we filled the tanks.
The best contestants were invited to compete on the track at Laguna Seca, the next day on a nickel's worth of fuel.
It was always gratifying to see consistency in the two days of competition. Notice the trends that were being established. We were down to 185cc as being powerful enough to run at posted speed.The bigger the engine, the worse the mileage.
Always playful, Honda's Matsu Matsuzawa cavorts with Rifle's Don Zacher
Updated April 25, 2007