1983 Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Run: Gallery of Winners
Date: July 17, 1983
Location: Highway 1 through big Sur See map
Route: Carmel to Carmel, California
Distance: 90 miles
Allotted time: 90 minutes
First place in 1983, again: Charly Perethian 372 mpg!
Charly Perethian has been a friend since he came to work for me in 1972. When I sold Vetter, Charly was a partner in the new Rifle Fairing Company. It was in this period that he put forth incredible effort in developing the svelt Yamaha 185 based Streamliner.

Charly's beautiful machine is now a part of the Smithsonian collection in Washington, DC.

Your 1983 winner: Charlie Perethian

372 mpg on Saturday on the road, backing it up Sunday on the track with 365.93 mpg!

Charly with the first Streamliner body
Charly with his son, Max in their family business, Parabellum Ltd


A very rare image of just what Charly's 185 Yamaha looked like before the streamlined fairing* was installed. Charly says:

"Our chopped and lowered tall geared bare bike got about 200 mpg - mileage leaped to 300 mpg when the fairing was installed"

*Streamlined body

Second place in 1983, Dan Hanebrink 362 mpg!
Hanebrink at Big Sur
How close can you get and still not be #1? Dan's 362 vs Charly's 372! Dan Hanebrink is an amazing competitor and still going strong. I came across him again at Bonneville in 2006. He was there still trying to set records. He says that bits and pieces of his 1983 Streamliner are still inside the machine to the left.
Third place in 1983, Matt Guzzetta 252 mpg!
Matt filling up Daughter, Gina and I watch

The modifications made in Matt's own words:  Lengthened the wheel base, added about 4 degrees rake to the frame.  The motor was modified by Fujio Yoshimura. He added the 6th gear from the Quadrunner LT125, the cam from the Quadrunner, smaller intake valve, and some internal work to reduce friction. We used the stock carburetor, air cleaner and filter from the GN-125.

The Guzzetta bike still exists and is in the San Diego Automotive Museum, California. Thanks to Tim Whitehouse for the image.
Updated Aug. 20, 2007