1980 Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contest
Date: August 23, 1980
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Route: Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek & back
Some 4,000 riders attended the 1980 Vetter Rally at Colorado Springs. All contestants had to be running some kind of un-modified Vetter fairing to enter this first contest, which was easy because everybody rode to there.
This first contest was at the Colorado Vetter Rally
Check out the overall winners. They are all Harleys! As I recall, they were geared up so the engine turned slowly and they got into high gear as quickly as they could. They were consistant... all getting from 88-100 mpg.

Many of you have noticed these "promising" mileage numbers.

101 mpg Ed Lary disqualified himself with a taped-over headlight 98 mpg Lammy Johnstone, winner
However, when I tried to question those Harley folks in 2007, I was very disappointed in their response. As far as I am concerned, I am not drawing any meaningful conclusions from these H-D numbers. They were never duplicated again in any subsequent Vetter Fuel Economy Contests.
Posted April 21 2004

Updated Feb 14, 2011