Gasoline, Diesel and Electric powered Streamliners

Which one can ride the way we really ride and consume the least amount of energy as measured in pennies per mile?

The next Vetter Challenge will be held in conjunction with the 6th Annual Central Coast Classic Motorcycle Show, at San Luis Obispo, Saturday, October 11, 2014

Updated Oct 8, 2014

This is a well organized event that actually begins about 6 PM Thursday night at the famous San Luis Farmers Market. We meet at the Union Bank parking lot on the corner of Higuera and Osos Streets... look at each others bikes, get to know each other and then the best part: We "Eat our way through town." Saturday features rides and a get together at the Courtyard Hotel beginning at 6 in the evening.

Saturday is the motorcycle show and judging.

The Vetter Challengers will leave at noon on Saturday. Of course, we welcome all riders who might want to ride with us to see what their mileage would actually be in "Vetter Condirtions". One of those conditions (to qualify to be a winner) is checking to see that each Challenger can carry four bags of groceries. Then we will head north to Salinas, on 101, a highway known for its maddening headwinds.

Streamlining was made for headwinds. We don't even notice them. We have to stick our arm out to know if they are there.

We are planning to take some back roads, too. The route will be longer than 125 miles but not longer than 170 miles. Riders will decide Saturday which roads to take.

Terry Hershner's Streamlined Electric Zero won the Bonneville Challenge

Meet Electric Terry and examine his record setting Zero. Ambassador of Streamlining, Alan Smith will be there with his fabulous streamlined Ninja 250 as well as other streamliner builders. Builders of some new machines have promised to make their appearance.

You don't have to ride anything special to ride along with us to Salinas. Just ride along and see what it is like. Chances are, you will be hooked.

Racing for the Right Reasons is a noble way to use your motorcycling talents.

Did you know?

The Vetter High Mileage Contests began in SLO years ago

In 1983, like today, we began by eating our way thru San Luis Obispo.
The story is all here

Posted Sep 7, 2014

Updated Oct 8, 2014