The Las Vegas Challenge is all day Thursday, October 17, 2013
Held in conjunction with the AMA's Hall of Fame Inductions at the Green Valley Resort, this is a big weekend for American Motorcyclists. Friday night is the gala banquet where the newest inductees into our Hall of Fame are honored. Sign up now and meet America's legends of motorcycling. To inquire about rooms at the Green Valley Resort, call (866) 782-9487.

The specific schedule for the Vetter Challenge Thursday:

Carol and I will be checking in Wednesday evening.

7:30-8:30 AM Breakfast with the Vetters at the best location at Green Valley Resort. To be determined and announced here.

8:45 AM Assemble in parking lot, Carol's grocery bag test. Remember, all 4 bags must all be loaded in your bike within 45 seconds. All fuel topped off. Photo session. Edwin Colon will videotape, same as last year.

9:30 AM depart. Follow our leader Paul Golde to the Kingman Cracker Barrel. Top off tank as necessary. Figure on a 1 1/2 hour layover.

Note: As of Oct 9, 2013, the route has been shortened. At first, we thought it would be 250 miles. But when our Leader, Paul Golde, began fine tuning, he discovered that it was more like 289 miles. To shorten it, we will just return the way we came. The route is 200 miles total. This will be a more relaxed ride for all of us... especially for me as I am recovering from a major hip replacement. I know you will understand.

Return to Green Valley Resort. I will see if the winner can be announced Friday night at the Banquet.

We all agree that a round trip makes a more fun Vetter Challenge. This one - again - led by Paul Golde looks to be about 200 miles. "Uncle" Paul led us last year. Everybody loved his ride. He has outdone himself for 2013.

Paul says: "Looks good to me.  I'll plan on riding the Concours 14 over on Weds. afternoon and will be ready to go Thursday morning.  I look forward to breezing through Carol's grocery test!!!"

 Note: Son Zak will pilot my Streamlined Helix. Carol will drive me in the car. My job, as always: Keep the stragglers from straggling. Anybody that drops behind me is out of contention. It is a tough and thankless job requiring nerves of steel and a hip of steel, too.

Updated Oct 9, 2013

Posted Aug 4, 2013

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