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"Today, it is not about going faster... it is about living better and consuming less fuel"

Craig Vetter

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18 King James Bible

Updated April 20, 2014
A Vetter Owners Group. has been organized. Looks like fun. I don't have to do anything except check in once in a while to see what I can add. See you there.

Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge dates for 2014:

July 11, 2014: AMA Vintage Days, Mansfield Ohio

August 29, 2014: Wendover to Ely, BUB Speed Week, Utah

(Note: There will be no Quail Challenge this year.)

What will win? Gasoline? Diesel? Electric?

Check out the Challenges... then come ride with us.

Updated April 20, 2014
Small frontal area and real streamlining is essential to go fast and consume less energy

Streamlining also enhances rider comfort. Competition is heating up in the Vetter Fuel Challenges. Can this gas powered streamliner beat the unbeatable streamlined Diesels of Fred Hayes? What about Terry Hershner's Streamlined electric Zero?

Follow the progress in making Alan's LowBoy Vetter Challenger Streamliner

These are exciting times.

Edwin Colon, Master Videographer, was there to record our conversation about the future of electric bikes

Meet Terry Hershner the first person to cross America on electricity!

Read how we streamlined Terry Hershner's Electric Zero and how Vetter Streamlining helped his batteries go twice as far.

See more on Facebook.

Big News! Real Streamlining is coming to our race tracks
Alan Smith's LowBoy Ninja 250 Streamliner for the street
Maverick motorcyclist, Arthur Kowitz sanctions electric "eMotoRacing". He is interested in helping the onboard electric energy go farther and faster. His new rules now allow real streamlining. Above you will see the components of the "Last Vetter Fairing" PhotoShopped onto Arthur's personal Brammo racer. Read his revolutionary rules.

Its not just eMoto Racing. The MRA is allowing Bob Horn to compete on his Feet Forward Ninja at High Plains Raceway in Colorado:

Bob Horn's Feet Forward Ninja with standard Vetter Streamlining PhotoShopped on

Race sanctioning bodies, led by Europe's FIM, have made real streamlining illegal since 1957. The reason appears to be:

Motorcycle manufacturers provide the funding behind racing. "Win Sunday... sell Monday" has been their mottto. Motorcycle manufacturers don't make streamlined motorcycles. Therefore, there would be nothing to sell on Monday if they let real streamlined bikes race. Instead of promoting streamlining, it has been easier for the motorcycle manufacturers to ban it from the tracks.

The FIM does not control us. It is time to demonstrate what streamlining really does.

Thank you, my pioneering friends.

And what is this?
Why, it is my Magic SeatBoard designed to take the load off your butt.

John Judd saw my Magic SeatBoard on my web page and made one. He writes:

"Hi and Wow what a great idea!  I'm a long distance rider who knows the pain! 1001 miles a day is my best so far but this year it will be easy to beat that with this idea. Ft Lauderdale to northern Ontario Canada and back leaving in June. I'll let you know how it goes. (This is on my) 2008 Kawasaki concours 14.  Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!"

We can't wait to get your report. Just don't forget to slip it out when you slow down.