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Updated Sep 20, 2014
A Vetter Owners Group. has been organized. Looks like fun. I don't have to do anything except check in once in a while to see what I can add. See you there.

Saturday, October 11, 2014 San Luis Obispo to Carmel, CA
The next Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge

San Luis Obispo

"Today, it is not about going faster... it is about living better and consuming less fuel"

Craig Vetter

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18 King James Bible

Chapter 70: Other Streamliners under construction

Follow Terry's progress live on FaceBook

Current blogs:

Inside EVs Reports

David Herron in the

JP in

Ben Rich in GreenCarReports

Terry's GoPro Video: 24 hours in 6 minutes

Experience the ride yourself. Note the speeds and times. Wow!

We fussed over Terry's Zero for months getting it ready to make motorcycle history.

It was a lot of work but we love it. Read the stories:

Building and Re-building Terry's Streamliner

August 29, 2014, Electric Terry won the Vetter Challenge at Bonneville
Updated Sep 20, 2014
Terry Hershner just completed the Iron Butt ride:
1000 miles in 24 hours on his Vetter Streamlined Zero

1 PM, Monday, Sep 15, 2014, Electric Terry Hershner left San Jose, California, to ride 500 miles to the Mexican Border. He returned to San Jose within 23 hours. On electricity. By himself.

No electric motorcycle has done this before

Michael Kneebone, Iron Butt President, wrote:

"Welcome to the twisted world of being an Iron Butt Association member! Congratulations on the electric Saddlesore 1000. We thought it would take a few more years to pull off!"

Terry will get this special license plate frame. It is big. How are we going to fit it into the streamlining?

He rode 70% of the time and charged 30% of the time